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Are you looking for the best LSAT prep books to help you boost your score on the test? Look no further. Below are our team’s reviews of the Top 10 best LSAT books for 2015.

Although any of these LSAT study guides would be an excellent choice, see for yourself which of the following materials meets your particular needs best. If you own a Kindle or other eReader, note that some of the top LSAT books are also available as eBooks.

PowerScore LSAT Logical Reasoning Bible

Best LSAT Prep Books Logical Reasoning BibleAs the turtle found that slow and steady was the way to win the race, so is the approach of the PowerScore Logical Reasoning Bible.

Providing a comprehensive approach to every type of Logical Reasoning problem, this outstanding LSAT prep book provides clear and detailed instructions for developing approaches for surmounting the Logical Reasoning section. The techniques and tips offered are not quick cures, but rather approaches that require significant practice on the test-taker’s part to develop.

The PowerScore Logical Reasoning Bible also offers drills for improving identification and solving of different types of Logical Reasoning problems as well as useful advice for quick elimination of wrong answers.

Over 650 pages in length, this LSAT preparation book is not suited for quick study. However, it promises to be extremely useful for test-takers who mimic the turtle’s approach to winning races – slowly but surely.

PowerScore LSAT Logic Games Bible

Best LSAT Prep Books Logic Games Bible 2014The Logic Games section is undoubtedly one of the most difficult aspects of the LSAT. Not surprisingly, therefore, many test-takers find that the Logic Games portion of the test is their LSAT Achilles heel.

Enter the PowerScore Logic Games Bible. This guide, now revised for 2013, is one of the very best LSAT prep books for for this part of the test, offering clear and easy-to-master techniques for approaching each of the different types of games as well as guidance on where to look to make deductions and how best to draw inferences. Its tips on diagramming and symbol usage to set up the games can be test-taker specific in that some benefit from these techniques more than others.

Nevertheless, given its use of actual LSAT questions and its provision of thorough explanations, the PowerScore Logic Games Bible is an excellent and highly-recommended source for tackling the Logical Games section of the LSAT.

PowerScore LSAT Reading Comprehension Bible

Best LSAT Books Reading Comprehension BibleFocusing on the Reading Comprehension section of the test, this LSAT study guide offers strategies for decoding and deconstructing reading passages and questions.

PowerScore’s LSAT Reading Comprehension Bible spends considerable effort in categorizing each of the different types of questions a test-taker might encounter in this section. It also offers tips and strategies for focusing on the important aspects of the passage.

Although this guide is perhaps the weakest of the PowerScore Bible series of LSAT prep books, the Reading Comprehension Bible nonetheless provides a plethora of useful information on breaking down the test’s reading comprehension section. Thus, it still makes our list of the 10 best LSAT preparation books.

The LSAT Trainer

Best LSAT Books TrainerWhat is even better than working out regularly by yourself? Answer: To have your own personal trainer.

Just like getting your body into shape, taking the LSAT works best if you have someone by your side to motivate and guide you along every step of the way. For those who prefer self-study over more costly alternatives, Mike Kim’s The LSAT Trainer: A Remarkable Self-Study Guide for the Self-Driven Student will assume the role of a personal trainer and is therefore an ideal option.

Mike Kim, experienced tutor and one of the brains behind the Manhattan LSAT prep system, is an expert at explaining what it takes to master the LSAT. His writing style is clear and the advice always easy to follow. At the same time, Kim’s system is designed to be highly effective. At its core, the LSAT Trainer is about teaching you how to adapt your thinking to LSAT problems and – through practice –how to apply LSAT specific knowledge. There is a fine line between teaching ‘thinking’ and traditional approaches that focus mostly on strategies and knowledge. However, Kim and his LSAT Trainer achieve this goal. Importantly, Kim is not hiding the ball; you will always know the reasoning behind learning various skill-sets that and how they will help you tackle LSAT questions.

Just like a personal trainer, the author will make you (and your brain’s LSAT muscles) stronger by pushing you to work harder. The book contains over thirty practice drills and 200+ authentic LSAT problems carefully woven into substantive lessons and strategic advice. Throughout the book’s 21 chapters, the author follows his five mantras, which include making things simple and effective. As a welcome bonus, Mike Kim even offers free LSAT study schedules that can be downloaded from the LSAT Trainer website.

The LSAT trainer, however, has – by design – certain limitations. As the guide readily acknowledges, test-takers should combine their use of the LSAT Trainer with other LSAT review books as well as LSAC’s official practice exams consisting of previously administered tests (see further below on this page). Moreover, the LSAT Trainer – although weighing in at an impressive 600 pages itself – is an all-rounder book that simply cannot go into as much detail on a specific section of the test as specialized books, particularly PowerScore’s top rated ‘LSAT Bible’ series.

Mike Kim and his LSAT Trainer are rising stars among the best LSAT prep books. Highly recommended by LSAT insiders and experts and popular among test-takers alike, this is an excellent and highly affordable choice that any LSAT candidate should seriously consider.

10 Actual, Official LSAT PrepTests Volume V: 62 through 71

Best LSAT Books - PrepTests Volume V

The very latest in LSAC’s 10 Actual series, the 2014 10 Actual, Official LSAT Prep Tests Volume V contains LSAT tests numbers 62 through 71.

These LSAT tests were administered between December 2010 and December 2013. The book also includes, as usual for the series, an answer key for each test, a writing sample for each test,score-conversion tables, and sample Comparative Reading questions and explanations.

This study guide compiles the most recent official versions of the test. Thus, there is not question that is one of the most important and best LSAT books currently on the market.

You need this  – and you will not get a better price from other publishers!

10 New Actual, Official LSAT PrepTests

10 New Actual, Official LSAT PrepTestsContaining 10 actual LSAT tests, this book provides previously administered tests from 2007 to 2010 (PrepTests 52-61).

While the book does not provide any guidance on strategies for taking the LSAT, it does provide a single source for some of the most recent LSATs, offering test-takers a one-stop shop for highly effective LSAT practice.

Highly recommended, as are all the other titles in LSAC’s top rated official test prep series.

The Official LSAT SuperPrep

Official LSAT Super Prep

This book, put together by the Law School Admission Council – aka the official LSAT test maker – compiles three former February LSATs from 1996, 1999, and 2000.

However, a unique feature of this book is that it provides explanations for every section on these tests from the people who actually draft the LSAT. The explanations that accompany the answers are thorough and cogent. However, the book itself does not offer the level of strategic advice found in non-official LSAT prep guides.

In sum, the Official LSAT SuperPrep is a very useful tool for understanding the LSAT from the perspective of those that write it. As such, it is one of the best LSAT prep books and simply a must-have for every thorough LSAT student.

The PowerScore LSAT Logic Games Bible Workbook 2014

Best LSAT Books - Powerscore Logic Games BibleA companion book to the PowerScore Logic Games Bible, this book is not a manual but, as its name suggests, a true workbook in which test-takers can hone the skills they learn in the Logic Games Bible book.

The Workbook, now revised for 2014, begins with drills in which isolated skills can be practiced over and over again. It then provides 10 individual games, taken from actual LSATs, which enable the test-taker to apply and reinforce the skills picked up in the drills. Finally, it offers five complete Logic Games sections, allowing the test-taker to emulate testing conditions.

Given that many students require a more pronounced effort to ace the Logic Games section, this workbook provides an outstanding resource.

Kaplan LSAT Logical Reasoning Strategies and Tactics

Best LSAT Books Kaplan Logical ReasoningFor a systematic approach to the Logical Reasoning section of the LSAT, look no further than this book.

Offering a guided approach to these problems, this book helps you identify the type of Logical Reasoning question you are encountering and provides you with a methodology for answering that question. In addition, there are numerous drills and practice opportunities to review and repeat the Kaplan method. In particular, the consistent approach to solving Logical Reasoning problems is one of the book’s key assets. In its current edition, Logical Reasoning Strategies & Tactics now  includes two complete logical reasoning practice sections and provides access to four additional sections online.

Conclusion: A good study tool and among the best LSAT prep books for this section of the test. Hint: If you are interested in the Kaplan approach to LSAT preparation, you may also want to look into their 2014 LSAT Premier study guide.

The Next 10 Actual, Official LSAT PrepTests

The Next 10 Actual, Official LSAT PrepTestsPractice, practice, and more practice makes perfect.

The last item in our list of the Top 10 best LSAT prep books is one more tool in the practice arsenal for the test. Containing ten actual previously administered LSAT tests from October 1999 to October 2002, this book provides an ample source for early rounds of practice.

Of special note, this title does not contain comprehensive reading questions that were introduced in June 2007. For more recent official tests you should go with the latest volumes in LSAC’s official test series, which are all among the best LSAT prep books.


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