GRE Math Prep Course (Nova’s GRE Prep Course)

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Study Guide Review

Focusing only on the Math section of the GRE, this book does a superb job of breaking down the constitutive elements of the Math part of the test.

Importantly, this book categorizes each of the different types of math questions into their own section, such as Fractions, Geometry, Averages, Graphs, etc. This allows a test taker to focus on building up skills for each type of math question.

Even better the book breaks down the sample problems into difficulty levels of Easy, Medium, Hard, and Very Hard, enabling the test taker to slowly work their way up the difficulty chain.

While this guide could do more to offer advice on tips for strategy and avoiding traps, overall, this is one of the best GRE books and a must for surmounting the test’s Math section.

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