GRE Math Simplified with Video Solutions: Written and Explained by a Veteran Tutor Who Knows What it Takes for Students to Get It

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Study Guide Review

GRE Math Simplified, authored by experienced GRE tutor Julia Andrews, is geared towards those who struggle with the test’s math portions. The book helps its readers to refresh their basic knowledge of math concepts and then proceeds to guide them – step by step – towards understanding and solving increasingly challenging problems.

The book and practice questions are well-written and the discussion is easy-to-follow. The guide also contains plenty of practice questions complete with online video explanations by the author (these can be accessed at no cost here or on YouTube) as well as a helpful study plan.

GRE Math Simplified is a compact yet helpful manual. There are more comprehensive guides on the market, but this one might be for you if you are looking for an alternative to the mainstream publishers.

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