The 32 Most Effective SAT Math Strategies

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Study Guide Review

“The 32 Most Effective SAT Math Strategies” is one of the best SAT books that are dedicated exclusively to the test’s math section. Virtually any problem that could appear on the SAT will be covered in this comprehensive SAT study guide.

The book is packed with strategies and techniques to approach and solve SAT math questions. Thanks to its approachable writing style and organized structure, even those struggling with mathematics will find it easy to improve their confidence and, ultimately, boost their scores.

The strategies presented in the book are mostly easy to follow and benefit from clear, step-by-step instructions. Although the math strategies sometimes tend to be somewhat simplistic, the book offers an adaptive approach. Advanced students looking for additional in-depth explanations can focus on alternative, more complex methods to solve each of the problems that are discussed throughout the guide.

In sum, given its adaptive style with multiple solutions, this resource is recommended for students with varying levels of math skills. Whatever your level and degree of confidence, this book is likely to significantly improve your performance on the SAT’s math section.

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