TOEFL Secrets (Computer-Based Test CBT & Paper-Based Test PBT Version) Study Guide Kindle eBook Edition

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Study Guide Review

Are you looking for a reliable TOEFL eBook to read on your Kindle device? If so, TOEFL Secrets for the computer based and paper based TOEFL may be a good choice for you.

This eBook’s goal is to seek and exploit specific weaknesses in the way the TOEFL is assessed and then use these insights to help readers achieve a higher score. According to the authors (who also recommend using this book in addition to traditional TOEFL study guides) TOEFL Secrets is a “tactical weapon” that will help you ace the test and avoid the most common mistakes.

The TOEFL secrets Kindle eBook is a fast read and does contain many valuable tips. However, while the book is definitely helpful and well written, it is not clear whether it provides value added as compared to other, traditional study guides. The strategies – such as “pace yourself,” “scanning,” or “process of elimination” – are covered elsewhere as well and are hardly secrets anymore. Nevertheless, this does not take away from the manual’s overall appeal.

Conclusion: Perhaps not a secret weapon, but still a good TOEFL prep book for Kindle and eBook aficionados. To be used in conjunction with other TOEFL books.

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